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      See how NEC contributes to developing cancer vaccines using AI.

      AI-driven healthcare and drug discovery

      National Soccer Hall of Fame chose NEC to provide their guests personalized experiences at their new Hall of Fame.

      Case Study: Face recognition integrated into Hall of Fame

      Creating new business models and services by utilizing 5G with AI, IoT and other digital technologies.

      Accelerating Digital Transformation with 5G

      Unique identification authority of India

      Government of India uses NEC biometric identification system in 1.3-billion-person national identification system.

      See case study

      Enhancing visitor experience

      Face recognition enables cashless service in restaurants and shops, premium services at airports and hotels.

      Watch video

      NEC Online TV

      NEC group vision, innovation and global case stories in video


      NEC Vision for Social Value Creation
      IDC analyst reports
      business leaders square wisdom - What You Need to Know
      NEC at a Glance