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      IDC analyst reports

      IDC examines NEC's business strategy and corporate initiatives to accelerate growth.

      NEC Extends Safer Cities Capabilities with APD and KMD Acquisitions

      This IDC Market Note examines the impact of NEC's recent acquisitions of emergency services software supplier APD Communications (through NPS) and Danish IT service provider KMD Holding on its strategy to deploy solutions for safer cities across Europe.

      Creating Socioeconomic Value with Smart Solutions: NEC iExpo 2018

      This IDC Market Note covers the NEC iExpo 2018 held in Tokyo from 8-9 November 2018. The theme of the event was Digital Inclusion, which is NEC's vision of a safer, more secure, more efficient, and equal society that incorporates digital solutions that addresses challenges in a modern society.

      NEC Makes Bold Strides to Transform; Sees Significant Opportunity Outside Japan

      The news that NEC attended the FIWARE (open source platform for smart digital future) event in Malaga validated many of the messages of the global NEC analyst event held in Tokyo.
      This report looks at the high-level strategy and messaging, especially related to growing the enterprise business in Europe.